County Commissioner Patrick Kelly

County commissioner Patrick Kelly thanked the volunteers who made the Douglas County Fairgrounds mass vaccination clinics possible at the last one today. 

More than 50,000 first and second doses of COVID-19 vaccinations were distributed in the past four months by the Lawrence-Douglas County Public Health Department, which wraps up its mass vaccination clinics today.

Going forward, vaccination appointments and services will be turned over to LMH Health.

In the time the department hosted the clinics, health department staff and clinic volunteers helped deliver more than 52,000 first and second shots. Nearly 2,000 cars were expected to drive through today’s final clinic. 

Douglas County is the most vaccinated county in Kansas. At a briefing before the clinic, Director Dan Partridge thanked those who had a hand in making that happen, including the clinic’s supervisors and volunteers. 

As of today, Douglas County has had about 9,200 total reported positive cases. The clinics played a big part in keeping numbers from being higher, Partridge told volunteers. 

“Those are numbers that say you have made a difference,” Partridge said. “I hope those can quantify it. You can feel and should feel good about the work you’ve done.” 

County Commissioner Patrick Kelly said the county still has work to do to ensure the rest of the community gets vaccinated, but he is thankful for the work that community members have put in to work toward that goal. He was emotional looking around the room at the clinic’s volunteers, many of whom he knew, he said. 

“I see so many people in this community that I know who have come together to help our community be safe and to help our community be healthy,” Kelly said. “I’m just so moved by the work that this community has done. When we come together and we work together, we are stronger together.” 


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