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Commissioners approved a $300,000 real estate contract acquiring 12 acres at 2216 N. 1420 Road for a new water treatment facility. 

Plans for a new water treatment facility in Eudora progressed at Monday’s City Commission meeting. 

Commissioners approved a $300,000 real estate contract acquiring 12 acres at 2216 N. 1420 Road. Plans for the facility come from city needs identified from the results of a water infrastructure study on Eudora in 2019. 

Construction of the facility won’t start immediately, City Manager Barack Matite told commissioners. The approval of the real estate contract will be followed by a due diligence period of 90 days. 

“There are a few things that staff and the team need to do before we get to the closing, but the property owners have executed the agreement and we’re ready to proceed as well,” Matite said. 


In other business, the City Commission approved additional time for High 5 to complete its review period as part of its move into the Nottingham Center. The new review period for the sports and entertainment complex ends July 15. 

Commissioners also heard a Chamber of Commerce update from Executive Director Karen Boyer. 

Boyer told commissioners the Chamber has grown by 12 businesses in the first quarter of 2021, with five more pending. Eudora also benefited from the Lawrence Restaurant Association’s Purchase Grant Fund, with 25% of the total funds going toward the Eudora Coalition and 75% toward the Eudora Schools Foundation for those in need. 

The Chamber also received $5,000 this quarter as the first half of the $10,000 awarded from the county for continued business growth. The Chamber is working on planning upcoming events, such as a citywide garage sale for Father’s Day in June, and promoting Eudora businesses and the Chamber on social media.

The Chamber is also planning the creation of a new “Junior Chamber” at Eudora High School that will give students an opportunity to learn more about the community. 

“We are really focusing on making sure that we’re a presence within the city,” Boyer said. 


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