Meeting 9/23/2022

Laura Smith, Eudora’s Community Navigator, spoke with Marc Veloz Thursday night at the resource meeting. Smith said the resources available for seniors in the Eudora are impressive.


Help with rent, utilities and mental health is available to Eudora residents through various county programs.

Getting the word out that these resources are available was the goal of a meeting organized Thursday night by Community Navigator Mary Kirkendoll.

The clinic followed other events in the county this month, including a presentation by Kirkendoll and others at the Eudora City Commission meeting. Various Eudora leaders attended Thursday’s meeting, including Fire Chief Mindy Andrasevits and Assistant City Manager Kevyn Gero. 

In the first of several presentations, Gabi Sprague, human services program manager for Douglas County, discussed housing stabilization efforts. 

The Housing Stabilization Collective is a resource available for county residents, who can apply for rent and utility assistance through this fund. Applications for assistance will reopen Oct. 3, and can be completed on the HSC website. 


Sprague said the money the collective has available is usually depleted within the first two weeks applications open. Since April 2021, over $1 million has paid for rent or utility costs at about 1,100 houses across the county. 

“The need is great, and there’s a commitment from Douglas County and myself to continue developing resources for those programs, while also looking at other eviction prevention measures,” Sprague said.

Marc Veloz shares information related to housing stability and mental health to people at the Lawrence Public Library on a daily basis. Laura Smith will offer the same help to Eudora residents as the city’s Community Navigator. Both Veloz and Smith said it’s important people know the amount of help available for them. 

Smith said she’s proud of the number of resources available for senior citizens in Eudora, like special programs and transportation assistance. Smith likened the generous nature of Eudora residents to a Hallmark movie. 

“We like to be together, and unite and come together to help everyone,” Smith said. 

The Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department and the Bert Nash Center also presented at the meeting, and shared updates about recent developments. 

The health department recently started using a mobile clinic. Community members can take this survey to pick where they’d like the clinic to visit.   

After the presentations, Kirkendoll told the Eudora Times she was grateful to everyone who showed up and shared these important resources with the community. 

“I’m really excited to keep these conversations going,” Kirkendoll said. 

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