Randy Towner

Randy Towner told commissioners that expansion to the Twin Oaks Golf Course will increase the amount of time residents can get use of it.

The Twin Oaks Golf Course plans to add a new all-weather driving facility and a restaurant to  increase the amount of time throughout the year that residents can get use out of the golf course. 

The Eudora Planning Commission approved zoning changes for an expansion to Twin Oaks Golf Course at its meeting Wednesday. 

The golf course, which sits within three miles of Eudora’s city limits, has operated for 30 years. The rezoning would change the property from an agricultural district to a general business district. The new additions would add approximately 7,500 square feet to the property. 


Jeff Burey, president and operator of the complex, said he has enjoyed his time operating the Twin Oaks Golf Course. He thinks the new additions to the property will only make it more of a value in Eudora. 

“We’ve been around for 30 years, and it’s been a real joy for me,” Burey said. “I think we’re going to be even more of an asset to the Eudora community and Douglas County in general.” 

Randy Towner, an investor who will purchase the property to make the desired additions to it, told commissioners the indoor and outdoor facility will ensure golf can be a 12-month activity, not just a summer one. 

Commissioner Josh Harger voiced enthusiasm about what the change and new additions to the property will do for golfers and residents. 

“I like what Twin Oaks has been doing,” Harger said. “This isn't, in my mind, something just grandiose. This is a little bit of a simple change or tweak that I think, even though I don't golf, will satisfy the needs of a lot of golfers, and probably be a really nice addition to the area above and beyond what it already is.” 

The zoning changes were approved and will be reflected in a letter to the Douglas County Planning Commission. 

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