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Commissioners approved the waiving of event permit fees Monday for a parade down Main Street on Eudora High School's prom night.

Get ready for glitz and glamour. The red carpet is coming to Main Street.

Plans for Eudora High School’s outdoor prom on May 15 progressed another step forward at the City Commission’s meeting Monday. 

Commissioners approved the waiving of event permit fees for a socially distanced downtown parade on prom night. 

Main Street would be ideally shut down for part of the event in order to maintain safety for the students and the community, said Gretchen Herron of the All Night Prom Committee. 

“We would have kids and community members park somewhere downtown, and they would be able to walk down Main Street safely,” Herron said. “And then we’d have community members or parents at CPA Park to be able to introduce the kids at the park.” 

Commissioners expressed enthusiasm about the idea for the prom celebration. The event, planned by the Eudora High School All Night Prom Parent Committee, will last from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. May 15.  

In other news, commissioners approved a proclamation declaring next week Public Service Recognition Week, with pending plans for recognizing city staff and commissioners who serve the public. They also approved a proclamation declaring May 2021 National Bicycle Month, May 17 to May 23 Bike to Work Week and May 21 Bike to Work Day. 

Local teacher Scott Keltner said the high school’s cycling club recently took a group ride on the newly revamped Bluejacket Trail. As Eudora’s representative for the Metropolitan Planning Organization Bicycle Advisory Committee, he expressed optimism about future grant opportunities for the community and pending construction around Lucy Kaegi Park. 

“It’s good when people are talking in a positive manner about your community and the upcoming opportunities and projects that we’ve got coming down the pike,” Keltner said.

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