Mayor 10/25/2022

Mayor Tim Reazin asked Public Works Director Branden Boyd how the Shared Use Path will affect the city’s realignment plan for Church Street. Boyd said discussions can occur in the future with KDOT to determine this. 

The construction of a Church Street sidewalk connecting 15th Street to 20th Street is one step closer following Monday’s City Commission meeting. 

Commissioners approved an agreement with the Kansas Department of Transportation to move forward with the K-10 and Church Street Shared Use Path project. The agreement follows the city’s receival of a KDOT grant.

The sidewalk will be accessible and include ADA ramps, crosswalks and signs. 

The project is estimated to cost over $1.3 million. KDOT will match 80% — a little under $950,000. 

The city has tried to create this path for 15 years, Public Works Director Branden Boyd said.  Boyd said KDOT told him a typical timeline for this kind of project is 18 to 24 months, and it will take the rest of 2022 and most of 2023 to acquire easements and complete property acquisition. 

“It’s very welcomed,” Boyd said. 

Mayor Tim Reazin asked how this would tie in with a realignment of Church Street. The city applied for a RAISE grant in April 2022 to go toward this project, but did not receive it. The Shared Use Path is a part of this realignment plan. 

“I think we have some time to work with KDOT on that,” Boyd said. “Barack and I have been talking to them about the roundabout and what we want to do. We have some time, if we do get a RAISE grant, to join those two designs if it needs to be redesigned on the south end.”

Boyd also provided an update related to air supply problems at Eudora’s wastewater facility. 

There is an air leak in the center column of the facility’s north basin, an air leak in a transfer line, and “multiple diffusers are believed to be broken or malfunctioning in the south basin,” according to a report by Chris Cowell of PeopleService Inc.

The city received a warning letter from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment about ammonia readings coming from the facility. Boyd said the city will send a response by Friday to share what their plans are. Engineers have looked at the facility, according to Boyd.

“We’re moving forward, and KDHE and the EPA knows that,” Boyd said. “They’re happy with us staying in contact with them, giving them updates.”

In other news, commissioners heard from Justin Forde, vice president of government relations at Midco. Forde discussed the expansion of Midco’s Fiber Forward initiative, which aims to supply more residential and business customers with 5-gig fiber internet. 

According to the presentation, most work in Eudora is scheduled for 2023, and services offered include 50, 100, 200 and 500 mbps. Midco will notify residents when their neighborhoods are ready to upgrade their fiber network. 

“We also want to make sure that as we do the work in the city, that businesses and residents are well aware, because they may see construction going on in certain areas of town,” Forde said. 

In other news, Police Chief Wes Lovett discussed National Prescription Drug Take Back Day. The police department will take back any unused and expired prescription drugs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday. 

Following the general meeting, commissioners entered into an executive session to discuss matters related to a city employee. Commissioners adjourned after this session.

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