Bee lecture

Jim Guthrie gives a talk about beekeeping during the Eudora Giving Garden pop-up market Saturday.

The Eudora Giving Garden hosted a pop-up market Saturday with fresh produce and flowers along with a special talk about beekeeping.

Master Gardener Diane Guthrie said everything they grow is free for the community.

“We want to give back to the community. We want people to enjoy fresh produce and flowers and honey, and we want to make a difference in that way,” she said. “People who can’t afford to buy vegetables can just come and take what they want.”

For this month’s gathering, Master Gardener Jim Guthrie brought his beekeeping abilities to the market.

“The reason I keep bees is they are the most fascinating creatures in the world,” he said. “Outside my wife, of course.”

With over 30,000 bees having found their home at the Giving Garden, Jim Guthrie said bees are important to both the garden and the world.

“About one out of every three things that you eat, bees had a hand in it -- not just honeybees, but all kinds of bees, all kinds of pollinators,” he said. 

The bees now add a new attraction to the garden: raw honey. Those in attendance were able to listen in on a presentation about the life of bees, the beekeeping process and how honey is made. For many, this was an exciting educational experience.

Finn Serene, 7, learned some new things about bees Saturday morning.

“The bees make honey, and they can fly sometimes,” he said. “Also, they make it safe so no other people -- so the bee queen does not die.”

Mary Kirkendoll, who helped start the garden, looks forward to building upon its potential.

“I really feel that this is going to tie into something really huge,” she said. “I’m hoping the food pantry can expand, and that we can offer all of our produce, all of our flowers to the food pantry, so that is my goal in the coming three years.”

Those who wish to donate to continue the garden’s efforts can contribute through the Giving Garden website

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