This Thanksgiving, we asked various people throughout Eudora what they were thankful for this year.

“I am thankful for the people of Eudora who support the food pantry here at St. Paul’s through COVID and continue to support it. It’s an incredible little community, one of those unsung stories of middle America. Neighbors helping neighbors and being a close knit community. --Mauri Peaco

“I’m thankful that we still have a good business, our customers, our community and family.” --Jasmin Ramirez

“It’s amazing how much God calls us to be thankful. Paul puts it very succinctly in that he stated that he was thankful in all things. Sometimes it’s a hard thing to do, but I’m thankful that I am still in the ministry and for this little church. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve the gospel of Jesus Christ." -- Jerry Mercer

“I am so thankful for the Eudora community supporting me and my new business.” -- Tracy Amyx

“I have been most thankful for the way our community has come around one another in this last year. The way people have adapted, been more intentional reaching out to one another through this past year. Through the continued adaptations and work with Harvesters and supporting the food pantry. Through the continued work with the Bird’s Nest and Feeding Eudora this past summer. While this past year has had its challenges, I have also been so amazed to see the work of the Holy Spirit through it all." -- Ross Baker

“I’m thankful for my family, and I’m thankful for the community being there for us in this hard year.” -- Fernanda Gonzalez

“Always family, those that I am related to by blood and then family of the perish as always. That is always two things I am very grateful for at this time of the year. Also for the blessings that are mine that not everyone gets to share, so it makes me cognitive of the fact that I have to be giving something away.” -- Mick Mulvany

“I’m thankful for God, Jesus and my friends. I’m thankful for the health of my family and daughters, and I’m thankful to be blessed and alive.” -- -Larry Minkler

“I’m thankful for family, and I’m thankful for all my customers I’ve got to know over my 11 years. I’m thankful to be alive.” -- Gail Johnson

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