Stuart Moeckel

Stuart Moeckel, who serves as superintendent and principal for seventh through 12th grades at Madison Virgil Schools, visited with Eudora community members at a meet and greet Friday. 

Editor's Note: This is the third story in a series examining the superintendent candidates for the Eudora School District. The Eudora Times is attending each candidate's public forum, requesting to do our own question-and-answer session with each candidate and calling references who know the candidates. Our goal is to provide one story and one Q&A for each candidate.

The third Eudora superintendent candidate is praised by former colleagues for his passion for education and his success as a leader able to juggle multiple positions.  

Stuart Moeckel, who serves as superintendent and principal for seventh through 12th grades at Madison Virgil Schools, visited with Eudora community members Friday. 

Moeckel has served in his current position since 2018. Moeckel brought a “broad educational experience,” according to a news release issued after his hire in Madison.

Moeckel was asked during the meet and greet how he planned to be a part of the community and juggle being superintendent as he finished up the doctorate program at Wichita State University. 

He said that since he’s in his third year, he doesn’t have to drive down for class, but rather is focused on writing his dissertation that focuses on “power and political influence on decisions of superintendents.” 

“We want to be a part of the community,” Moeckel said of his family. “And the only way you can be a part of the community is living in the community, so I want to be at the grocery store, I want to be at the fun runs in the mornings, I want to be at the Rec games.” 

“It’s important to be out there and people see you in the community, and quite frankly, I enjoy watching our kids and having them tell me, ‘Hey, it was good seeing you at the game, Mr. Moeckel.’ That’s an ‘Aha!’ moment for me,” he said. 

For his doctoral program, Moeckel has gone to Dodge City for a field study, where he learned a lot about family engagement and diversity and interviewed students and focus groups. 

Madison-Virgil High School, where Moeckel is principal, is a 2A school. The district usually has an enrollment of around 220 students, according to its 2020 budget

Madison School Board President Jeff Williams noted Moeckel is a “good guy” during an interview with The Times Friday. 

Before coming to Madison, Moeckel was principal of Victoria Junior-Senior School in Victoria. There, he also served as athletic, technology and transportation director.  

Dylan Dronberger, the current principal, said that while Moeckel was there, he did a great job at juggling all of the positions.

“He definitely left some big shoes to fill after he left after his five years,” Dronberger said.  

Moeckel told Eudora community members Friday that his first job was a woods teacher, and he interviewed in Eudora initially. But his wife, Summer, is an elementary school teacher and there wasn’t a position open, so instead, they moved to Osawatomie to start their careers in education. 

Moeckel received both master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Fort Hays State University in education administration.

Moeckel has a passion for education, and he worked really well with teachers to ensure student success, Dronberger said. 

“I think his track record shows that he has been a successful leader within whatever position he’s been in at whatever school,” Dronberger said. “With that, I think that he has also been able to be a part of different groups to lead successful school districts and how they move forward there.”

See The Times' Q&A with Moeckel here.

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