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Jill Hueser recently launched River Top Kennels and Grooming.

A new pet grooming business is keeping Eudora’s pets looking their best. 

Jill Hueser recently launched River Top Kennels and Grooming and has been busy giving pets makeovers ever since. 

After working as a veterinary technician for years at Johnson County Animal Clinic in Overland Park, she said she’s loved the hands-on experience of working with animals. So far, she said the Eudora community has welcomed her new business serving dogs and cats. 

“The reception has been great,” Hueser said. 

Hueser charges for grooming based on breed and size, and River Top Kennels and Grooming offers a range of services from full grooms to teeth brushing and nail trims. During grooming sessions, owners are able to stay with their pets if they wish. 

“Most groomers will not allow clients to stay with their pet when they're groomed,” Hueser said. “I’ve told people from the start I have no problem with them staying if they want to see their pet groomed.” 

River Top Kennels and Grooming offers appointments Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The business is a one-woman operation, although Hueser’s daughter helps with bigger dogs some weekday afternoons and Saturdays.

Since beginning a busy spring of grooming, Hueser said she has already booked several second appointments from first-time clients and plans to expand the part-time business by adding a small building onto her property at 14825 Evening Star Road just for River Top Kennels and Grooming. 


Carmen Hocking of Lawrence is owner of 7-year-old dachshund and shih tzu mix Alfie and found River Top Kennels and Grooming through Nextdoor, a website where community members share recommendations. 

While Alfie’s $35 appointment took longer than she expected, she said she liked that he received more personal care since Hueser books only one appointment at a time. 

“She was very pleasant to work with,” Hocking said. “She was very fair with pricing, and she did a nice job.”

During her earlier years working in an animal hospital, Hueser said she used to joke that she was too much of a perfectionist for animal grooming. But she loves working with owners to reach a consensus about what’s best for their pet, she said, and she loves seeing pets leave looking even better than before. 

“There’s just satisfaction in that one hour or hour and a half that you have that pet with you, turning them around and making them look like a million dollars,” she said. 

Appointments can be booked at 913-915-4796 or by messaging the business’s Facebook page

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