Bill Frenzel, owner of Frenzel’s BBQ and Catering, stands in front of his grill and smoker set up. He can be found with his barbecue Saturdays at 8801 Lexington Ave. in De Soto.

Bill Frenzel prepared 75 pounds of snacks for Super Bowl Sunday. 

25 pounds of pork. 20 pounds of brisket. 30 pounds of ribs. 

The owner of Frenzel’s BBQ and Catering has made a habit of being prepared when he knows demand will be smokin’.

“One customer bought three pounds of brisket,” Frenzel said. “But I always cook more just in case someone calls at the last minute. I got an order for 12 ribs as of right now, so I’ll put 18 on the grill.”

Frenzel has nearly three decades of experience in the barbecue business, a quest that initially started as a hobby with his dad. However, Frenzel got into smoking meat on his own and taught himself the intricacies of the trade. 

While Frenzel cooks all throughout the football season, the busiest time is during the summer, where he works about 40 hours a week.

Before Frenzel had his business, he would grill hamburgers and hot dogs in the parking lot of what is now MyCarProject in De Soto. 

Since then, his passion for making barbecue turned into a business that offers catering services and more menu items like brisket sandwiches, pulled pork, ribs and even coleslaw.

“All of a sudden, it went from one grill in my backyard to seven,” Frenzel said.

Frenzel’s BBQ and Catering specializes in hickory smoked barbecue, meaning he cooks meat over hardwood hickory logs. Frenzel also sells his own Sweet and Smoky BBQ Sauce made in St. Louis.  

Frenzel’s favorite thing to make is brisket, despite it being a lengthy process. 

“I enjoy it all, but I love brisket,” Frenzel said. “It’s also the most challenging thing to cook because it’s a 12-hour deal.”

Customer Missie Adamson has watch party plans for the big game and knew she needed barbecue from Frenzel’s BBQ and Catering. 

“His food is always hot, fresh, and it’s the best barbecue in Lawrence and Eudora,” Adamson said. “He is so friendly, and his customer service is bar none.”

Customer Steve Hall has been a friend and customer of Frenzel’s since 1998. Frenzel’s passion for cooking has always been evident, Hall said.

“Monday Night Football is where we all bring different things for Bill to grill,” Hall said. “He is more interested in grilling, really, than the game most of the time.”

Both Adamson and Hall said their favorite thing Frenzel makes are his ribs. Frenzel offers baby back ribs and St. Louis style pork spare ribs on his catering menu. 

“About anything he makes is good, but those ribs are just awesome,” Hall said.

While Frenzel’s food is enough to get people to come back, his friendly demeanor is also what makes his customers return.

“His customer service is great,” Adamson said. “He always gives instructions if you want to heat something up. He answers all my questions and even offered me a free bottle of sauce.”

As someone who has seen Frenzel’s BBQ and Catering grow, Hall said Frenzel offers something unique.

“He is a lot more personable,” Hall said. “At other restaurants, a lot of the time, you never see the person cooking. Not only is Bill cooking, but he will also have conversations with you.”

As for Frenzel’s own game day plans, after dishing out all that barbecue to his fans, he plans to watch the Super Bowl with his family and prepare something special just for them.

“I took a pork country style rib and cut those into chunks, and then I smoked them,” Frenzel said. “They become almost like pork burnt ends.”

Frenzel and his barbecue can be found each Saturday at the Dollar General parking lot at 8801 Lexington Ave. in De Soto. Those interested in Frenzel’s catering services can contact him through his website

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