Christmas decorating done by Courtney Gebauer. This is the first year Gebauer is offering a Christmas decorating service. Photo courtesy of Eudorable Home.

To spread the Christmas spirit this year, Courtney Gebauer is helping people in the community decorate their homes for the holiday season. 

The owner of Eudorable Home is offering a Christmas decorating service where she said she will help put up Christmas decorations that people already have in their homes, help them shop for new ones or do a combination of both.

“A lot of people out there like their house decorated for Christmas, but don’t like to get all their storage bins out and actually do it themselves,” Gebauer said. “And so we just decided that we were going to offer Christmas decorating just as an additional service to what we already do.”

This is the first year that Gebauer is offering this service. She has had three people sign up so far, but she is expecting more after Thanksgiving. 

Gebauer charges $50 per hour for her Christmas decorating, but she leaves Christmas tree decorating to her Christmas tree specialist, Billie Roush, who runs Billie & Co. 

Roush said she makes handmade ornaments in the winter, which she sells at Eudorable Home. Roush started decorating trees for others last year.


A Christmas tree decorated by Billie Roush. Roush started decorating trees for others last year after being encouraged by her daughter. Photo courtesy of Billie Roush.

“It was just a hobby for me,” she said. “I’ve always just done it for my family, and I enjoy it. Then, my daughter started posting pictures of them and put out there that I should offer it to other people. And that’s how it kind of started last year.”

Roush said she has had clients from other towns, including in Bonner Springs, Overland Park and Shawnee. 

Roush’s services start at a flat rate of $150. But Roush said she will probably change to an hourly rate next year. 

Pamela Poe of Bonner Springs had Roush decorate her business and home trees. Poe said she loves how Roush uses color and space to make the tree stand out. 

“She is just so creative,” Poe said. “I had several people tell me how good my tree looked at my business that I told her, ‘Oh my God, you have to come decorate my tree at home.’”

Gebauer has had discussions with Weld Properties owner GW Weld about expanding Eudorable Home into a neighboring building. However, the business has stayed put thus far. 

Gebauer said she is adding some new vendors that will provide a variety of items to her store. For example, Gebauer said Billie & Co. has talked about renting a spot in Eudora to make handcrafted seasonal decor. 

Gebauer said other vendors will provide Eudora school spiritwear and charcuterie boards with crackers and jellies as well.

To sign up for Gebauer’s Christmas decorating service, Gebauer said people can send her a message on Facebook or Instagram, or contact her through her cellphone number, 913-963-7303. 

Roush said people can message her on Facebook or ask Gebauer about her Christmas tree decorating services.

Reach reporter Jack Denebeim at


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