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Customers shop in Eudorable Home’s new room during its opening event Wednesday

After months-long renovations, Eudorable Home expanded its store and opened Wednesday with seven local vendors.

Now, Eudorable Home occupies two rooms and is connected to the building next door on Main Street. This expansion will provide the community with more local home goods, furniture and gift items, said owner Courtney Gebauer.  

“This opening is about all of us promoting our businesses, which is only going to increase traffic,” Gebauer said. “It’s about reaching out to multiple demographics of people so they shop here locally in Eudora.”

Along with an increase in Eudorable Home’s inventory, the expansion allowed Gebauer to highlight vendors who provide a range of chocolate, clothing and candles. 

These are One of A Kind Wood Creations, Lorellie’s Handcrafted Caramels, Billie & Co., Rehoming Treasures KC, Eccentricity, Anabel’s Makers Market and Charming Chic. 

Anabel’s Makers Market owner Anabel Sanchez is grateful for the opportunity to sell her products in Eudorable Home and is happy to support other local businesses.

“We are the backbone of the community,” Sanchez said. “It’s a great reward knowing that, me as a single mom, I’m helping other small businesses grow.”

As a local business owner herself, it was important for Gebauer to feature other small businesses because it helps the local economy’s vitality.

“The great thing about when you are spending money here, it’s truly going in someone’s pocket locally here versus big box retailers, ” Gebauer said. “You are truly impacting these individuals’ families, and that is so important.” 

Vintage furniture and home decor from Rehoming Treasures KC have been featured in Eudorable Home, but the expansion has allowed owner Libby Selby to have her own section in the store. 

Selby runs her business through Instagram and mainly serves her Kansas City audience. Now, she is able to curate more items and expand.

“It’s nice to grow organically,” Selby said. “Eudora is a nice kind of branch to grow outside of Kansas City a little bit, but it’s still not so far where I have to be shipping a lot.”

Billie & Co. is a new vendor that sells clothing items and accessories. Owner Billie Roush is still new to running a small business, but is excited to reach a new audience in Eudora.

“The Eudora population is very supportive of their community and the small businesses,” Roush said. “Being able to start a boutique business, something I have always wanted to do, in Eudorable Home will let me know if I have made the right decision.”

Even before Eudorable Home opened its new space, the community was quick to express its excitement and support.

“We had people coming in last week that were saying they already had the opening on their calendars,” Gebauer said. 

For customer Destiny Kresge, the mixture of home goods and clothing makes Eudorable Home special.

This expansion also comes with a change of Eudorable Home’s hours. Now, the store will be open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

While Gebauer is taking the new expansion all in, she already has a few plans for Eudorable Home’s future.

“One day we need a new roof,” Gebauer said. “My dream is to, when we go to do the roof, make a second story.”

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